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The reasons for my interest in the Stone Churches in Southwest Virginia are varied. They are historic, the history of Rev. Bob Childress is given in The Man Who Moved a Mountain, they are close enough for me to visit easily and, most importantly, at the same time that Rev. Bob Childress was establishing these seven churches our Aunt Kitty (Kathryn Hunt) was engaged in the same work in Ashe County, NC.

Aunt Kitty and Rev. Bob Childress knew each other and attended the annual retreats in Montreat.

The main reason I am publishing this website is to make the Stone Churches more accessible to anyone interested in visiting them. Several of them are not easy to find so I produced a booklet to make them easier to find. I have distributed some of the booklets at no charge but distribution through that means is limited. Posting of this website may reach a larger audience and make access to the churches easier. If that happens then my job is done.

Please feel free to contact me with any comments, especially if errors are noted in the website. I would be interested to know if this site is any help in finding the Churches or if any of the driving instructions are confusing or in error. I spent considerable time in making the directions as clear (to me) as possible and correct.



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The Stone Churches of
Reverend Bob Childress
Slate Mountain
Buffalo Mountain
Indian Valley

These six stone churches and the Indian Valley church were founded by Rev. Bob Childress, the subject of the book:

"The Man Who Moved A Mountain"

by Richard C. Davids