Dinwiddie Presbyterian Church
Sign at junction of Highway 100 (Sylvatus Hwy and Deer Ridge Road)

GPS settings:

N36 deg 51 min 45 sec (N36 deg 51.742 min)

W80 deg 43 min 02 sec (W80 deg 43.027 min)

2698 Homestead Road
Hillsville, VA 24343

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Driving directions:

This is another difficult one to find.

The most direct way to reach this Church from Floyd is to turn right onto Route 753 at Dugspur Store located on Highway 221. Dugspur Store is several miles before reaching Dugspur so it is neccessary to keep a sharp eye out for Dugspur Store. The turn onto Route 753 requires close attention as this is the meeting of several routes. Follow Route 753 about 10 miles to a right turn onto Route 750. It is easy to miss this turn but there is a power line tower just beyond the turn making it easier to spot the turn. Drive about 2.5 miles on Route 750 to the Church. The inset on the map above shows the power line tower and the sign for the turn onto Route 750.

From Route 221 (Floyd Highway), east of Hillsville, turn north onto Route 100 (Sylvatus Road). Go about 3.6 miles to the junction with Deer Ridge Road (Route 783) and turn right onto Deer Ridge Road. The sign above is located at the turn onto Deer Ridge Road. Drive about 0.8 miles to the junction with Mitchell Crossroad and turn right. Go about 2 miles on Mitchell Crossroad to the Church at the junction with Holmstead Road.

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