Mayberry Presbyterian Church

GPS setting:

N36 deg 39 min 30 sec (N36 deg 39.495 min)

W80 deg 34 min 26 sec (W80 deg 34.429 min)

1127 Mayberry Church Road
Meadows of Dan, VA 24120

Sign on Blue Ridge Parkway

Driving directions:

Just off the Blue Ridge Parkway at mile marker 180.1 turn off on Maple Swamp Rd. (Route 600). The only sign on the Parkway is a small sign for route 600 on the Stop sign post on Maple Swamp Road.

Going south on the Parkway the Church is visible through the trees just off the Parkway to the left.

Going north on the Parkway the sign for route 600 is visible on the Stop sign post for Maple Swamp Road. Turn right onto Maple Swamp Road.

Mayberry Stone Church is to the right of Maple Swamp Road.

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